Hey folks! Welcome to my blog Chop Talk. I know out of so many readers only 2% might be interested to know about the author, so let me give you a brief introduction about myself. I’m Prapti Gupta, presently 18, from India. Writing is not my profession but it’s my hobby which has helped me to achieve many wonderful prizes in the form of feedback, reviews, publication and winning some titles. Along with writing, dancing, watching movies are also my hobby and above that I’m an aspiring engineer so you can also include that in my list.
All that I want from you guys is your wonderful reviews and comments (be it the worst or the best) to keep me motivated and continue. Won’t be wasting your valuable time. Keep supporting!

Love you 3000 !!

36 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Prapti,
    Your story is beautiful. Hobby of writing, allows us to freely express ourselves. Readers tell us (feedback) where are we going. But doing experiments with your writing or trying new topics lead to exploring and seeing life with a new meaning.

    Best wishes. 💐💐

    Lokesh S.

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  2. Lovely to meet your u Prapti and thank you for your visit to my blog this morning. You are a very busy lady and I will look out for your writing with interest. Wishing you all the best.



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