“Yeah, I will be there by 8 pm. See you soon”. I ended the call. Anna called me. Oh! Let me introduce her. Actually, she was my best friend when we were kids When she was 11 her parents died in a road accident, after that she was sent to her uncle’s house in Boston. From that day we lost contact. There was not even a single day I missed her. She has gone through a lot of tragedy. Thanks to social media, that I found all her whereabouts and regained our friendship. And she was coming back to Los Angeles, my city. I was overjoyed.
With cakes, toffees and many other presents I rang the doorbell. It was someone’s house that she was staying in, definitely not a hotel or a rented house. And there she opened the door. In a red long gown, hair tightly tied at the top she gave me a tight hug. I really missed it and wanted it since a long time.
After a lot of chit chat, I asked her the question which I wanted to since I came to her house. “Hey, is this a kind of hotel? It doesn’t look like that” “Oh no, it is one of my friend’s house, she is away for a week so she told me to stay here only”. I was not happy, a bit jealous, moreover I was her best friend, she could have stayed with me. But still I forgot the issue.
We ate snacks, danced, sang and did all the things that we missed for so many years. At last, she went to prepare the dinner. I was sitting idle. I thought of exploring the house, a stranger’s house. I was just exploring when I saw a strange thing, a family photograph of an old man and an old woman. There was not even a sign of teenager or anyone in her 20’s or even 30’s living in that house that could be her friend. As I was exploring the house my curiosity grew more and more. Next, I went to the bedroom. I was just coming back when my eyes went under the bed. I could see a toe finger out just under the bed. Maybe it could be some kind of a doll or something like that, but wait! Isn’t the finger big enough for a doll? I was just about to check it out when all of a sudden, my mobile phone started ringing. It was my neighbour Frank. I picked up.
“Hi there, have you heard the news?” he sounded quite nervous.
“What news?”
“A serial killer has murdered about 6 people in the morning itself. A victim somehow managed to survive and described her as a young woman in her 20’s wearing a red long gown, blonde hair tightly tied up…” Frank continued the description.
As he was describing her what came to my mind was a clear picture of Anna. Her red long gown, the house and the creepiest part was that toe finger. It must be of the old house owner whom Anna had killed. I was dumbstruck, frightened, no combination of 26 alphabets can describe how I felt. Only one thing that came to my mind was to escape from that house. As soon as I turned around, I found Anna standing right behind me with a horrifying cunning smile. Before I could do anything, she placed a knife on my stomach and started stabbing me.
“Noooooo….” I cried out. “Oh, Thank God, it was a dream” I gasped. “What type of dream I started having” I thought to myself. I was just going to freshen up when my phone started ringing.
“Hello Emily, I’m Anna. I just landed to Los Angeles today. Will you be coming to my house today? I will text you the address after sometime”
A cold shiver ran down my spine.

84 thoughts on “DECEPTION

  1. Magnificent story, but…rtificial intelligence, through virtual socialization, can generate the new Gender eras, dreams and/or nightmares that can even lead to suicide on the most mentally and emotionally sensitive.

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