What’s the Motive?

The main motive of this blog is to share my stories (thrillers, romantic, horror etc.) and real life incidents of people across the world which can apprise the readers with various events in people’s live. For this I will be interviewing the person of whose incident I’m going to share only at their consent. If you want to share your story- most welcome. What you just need to do is share your any special incident in brief , be it of any kind like thrilling, unexpected happiness, breakup, psycho friend, cheating etc., and I will be contacting you.

I’m sure you are gonna love this. Thank you for visiting. Keep supporting!!

97 thoughts on “What’s the Motive?

  1. Hi there! I struggle with using the technology, but as promised I did manage to find your story “sudden trap”. I was confused because there were only two post on “reader” so I wasn’t sure where to look. keep writing my dear!

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      1. Want to say something to you-
        Believe in own thoughts
        Write with true matter
        Your words affectionate someone but you just keep going on the motive.
        Motive is matter because it comes by true facts.


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