What’s the Motive?

The main motive of this blog is to share my stories (thrillers, romantic, horror etc.) and real life incidents of people across the world which can apprise the readers with various events in people’s live. For this I will be interviewing the person of whose incident I’m going to share only at their consent. If you want to share your story- most welcome. What you just need to do is share your any special incident in brief , be it of any kind like thrilling, unexpected happiness, breakup, psycho friend, cheating etc., and I will be contacting you.

I’m sure you are gonna love this. Thank you for visiting. Keep supporting!!


“Yeah, I will be there by 8 pm. See you soon”. I ended the call. Anna called me. Oh! Let me introduce her. Actually, she was my best friend when we were kids When she was 11 her parents died in a road accident, after that she was sent to her uncle’s house in Boston. From that day we lost contact. There was not even a single day I missed her. She has gone through a lot of tragedy. Thanks to social media, that I found all her whereabouts and regained our friendship. And she was coming back to Los Angeles, my city. I was overjoyed.
With cakes, toffees and many other presents I rang the doorbell. It was someone’s house that she was staying in, definitely not a hotel or a rented house. And there she opened the door. In a red long gown, hair tightly tied at the top she gave me a tight hug. I really missed it and wanted it since a long time.
After a lot of chit chat, I asked her the question which I wanted to since I came to her house. “Hey, is this a kind of hotel? It doesn’t look like that” “Oh no, it is one of my friend’s house, she is away for a week so she told me to stay here only”. I was not happy, a bit jealous, moreover I was her best friend, she could have stayed with me. But still I forgot the issue.
We ate snacks, danced, sang and did all the things that we missed for so many years. At last, she went to prepare the dinner. I was sitting idle. I thought of exploring the house, a stranger’s house. I was just exploring when I saw a strange thing, a family photograph of an old man and an old woman. There was not even a sign of teenager or anyone in her 20’s or even 30’s living in that house that could be her friend. As I was exploring the house my curiosity grew more and more. Next, I went to the bedroom. I was just coming back when my eyes went under the bed. I could see a toe finger out just under the bed. Maybe it could be some kind of a doll or something like that, but wait! Isn’t the finger big enough for a doll? I was just about to check it out when all of a sudden, my mobile phone started ringing. It was my neighbour Frank. I picked up.
“Hi there, have you heard the news?” he sounded quite nervous.
“What news?”
“A serial killer has murdered about 6 people in the morning itself. A victim somehow managed to survive and described her as a young woman in her 20’s wearing a red long gown, blonde hair tightly tied up…” Frank continued the description.
As he was describing her what came to my mind was a clear picture of Anna. Her red long gown, the house and the creepiest part was that toe finger. It must be of the old house owner whom Anna had killed. I was dumbstruck, frightened, no combination of 26 alphabets can describe how I felt. Only one thing that came to my mind was to escape from that house. As soon as I turned around, I found Anna standing right behind me with a horrifying cunning smile. Before I could do anything, she placed a knife on my stomach and started stabbing me.
“Noooooo….” I cried out. “Oh, Thank God, it was a dream” I gasped. “What type of dream I started having” I thought to myself. I was just going to freshen up when my phone started ringing.
“Hello Emily, I’m Anna. I just landed to Los Angeles today. Will you be coming to my house today? I will text you the address after sometime”
A cold shiver ran down my spine.


I am having some mixed feelings while writing this. I’m feeling awful, pleasant, excited everything at the same time cause I’m writing something after a long time. You maybe wondering why? Umm, lots of work to do everyday that I feel why is it just 24 hours a day? Leave it, I’m blabbering, it’s my nature. So, on the occasion of my 18th birthday I thought of giving myself a free day and that’s why I’m writing this right now.

I remained excited for my 18th birthday for a week but I dunno why I lost my excitement on the day itself, lol😂. The first thing that excites me is I can call myself an adult now, though I don’t behave like that, I will be able to vote, and what more? I don’t have anything else that excites me on turning 18. But I do have a lot of plans that I want to do after I enter some good college, let me share it with you:

  1. I want to be a vlogger and travel around the world (Huge fan of @NasDaily)
  2. I want to learn lawn tennis
  3. I want to write two novels (one romantic and another thriller & suspense)
  4. I want to increase my swimming speed.
  5. I want to learn hip-hop (though I have completed my Kathak course)

I think these are enough to last for lifetime. If I even succeed in one of them, I will be proud of myself. I would love to know what where your wishes and what special did you do on your 18th special and is it really special?

Thanks a lot for reading. Love you 3000


This incident happened with Manoj (name changed for privacy reasons) in the year 2014. Mr. Manoj, 55, came to Gurgaon in India for the first time to meet his son who was studying there. After spending 3 days with his son, it was time for him to return Agartala, where he lives. On his return day his son couldn’t accompany him to the airport for some reason, so he had to opt for public transport to reach on time.

It was 8 pm. Mr. Manoj was waiting at the bus stop when a bus with hardly 4-5 passengers in it stopped there. At first, he hesitated to ride that bus but the fear of getting late left no choice for him. Mr. Manoj was new to that place, so he didn’t have any idea about the routes and the places.

Mr. Manoj felt something fishy when the bus stopped at a dhaba (a roadside food stall) in a remote place. He was sure he hadn’t seen any dhaba on the route from airport to his son’s hostel. On asking the other passengers they assured him to be on the right route. He kept sitting on that bus alone while the other passengers had their drinks. They offered the same to Mr. Manoj but he politely refused. All of a sudden, they started forcing him to drink and he couldn’t prevent the whole gang of 3-4 young boys from having that drink. On his statement, they had mixed something in his drink that made him pass away soon.

Mr. Manoj woke up in complete shock. He was lying in some forest only in his inner and pants. All his jacket, gold ring, gold chain, purse, mobile, luggage everything was missing. He didn’t know how many days have passed since that night. He was hungry, thirsty, exhausted and could barely walk!! Still, he managed to reach some slum type area where instead of helping him they beat him up thinking him to be psychic. He didn’t know Hindi (national language of India) so he failed to explain his situation to them.

The next day, he found himself in a small room where he saw a man holding a glass of water in front of him along with some food and two children watching him curiously. At first, he hesitated to drink but seeing the glass of water he couldn’t resist longer. The man managed to explain him that while driving his auto back home when he found Mr. Manoj lying on the other side of the road. As his house was nearby, he decided to take him there. With his help he contacted his family members who were already in Gurgaon in search of him. Mr. Manoj’s wife had already filed a missing complaint on the day he got missing but unfortunately the cops failed to track the culprits.

Mr. Manoj says it took nearly 2 months recover from this trauma and he is still in contact with that auto driver who saved his life and supports him financially.


  • According to you, you went through that situation for about 2 days. How did you manage food and shelter?

Ans: It was very difficult for me as I have never faced lack of food and shelter in my life. I remember I found some public tap and had to drink from there. I even didn’t know whether it was suitable for drinking. No one came to help me and I know only Bengali and English so I couldn’t communicate with the villagers too and moreover they ran away from me seeing my appearance. So, roadside was the only shelter.

  • How did you manage the people repeatedly asking you about this incident? Didn’t that irritate you?

Ans:  To be honest I did feel irritated sometimes only when people used to suggest me saying you could have done this… that which was impossible to come in my mind then. Otherwise, people are curious, its human nature. So, there’s nothing to feel disgusted but I won’t disagree I did feel terrific when those incidents used to come in my mind even today when I’m speaking to you.

  • I guess you must have come across people saying you are faking. How did you feel that time? How much did you try to convince them?

Ans: Of course, there were many. The cops and my family members were also among them though they weren’t showing. Even if I hear this story from someone else, I won’t have easily believed it… There were so many things I could have done but my brain didn’t work that time. It was such a horrific incident like a nightmare. I didn’t try to convince anyone. It was their part whether they are going to believe it or not… I can’t control it.

  • Did you learn any message from this incident?

Ans: Yes, I learnt quite a few things from it. First of all, to know at least a few basic things about the unknown place where you are going. Second, don’t ever ride a bus or any public transport if you feel its not safe, even if its urgent. Third, I learnt a lot from the auto driver who saved my life. I saw a real-life example of humanity. That’s what is coming in my mind.



“Mom are you ready?” I asked.
“Yes dear, let’s go” she replied.
Today my mom and I are very excited. Today we are going to meet with our father after a long time. I can’t really explain how happy and excited I am. After a lot of struggle and patience we are getting to meet him. But the sad part is the meeting period is very short, just 10 minutes.

On our way I was thinking what questions I will be asking him. There are so many but I can’t ask all of them. We reached the place after some time. Mr. Morgan was waiting for us. He was the medium through which we are going to talk with him.
He was seeing us in a very strange manner as if he hasn’t seen people like us before. Yes, I admit we are different because we are new to this place but yet we look like human beings.
“Good morning Mrs. Evans, I was just waiting for you and your son.” he said to us.
“Is everything ready? We can’t wait to meet him; hope you can understand” my mom said to him.
“Yes. The whole process is to be of 20 minutes and you can talk to him for about 10 minutes, not more than that otherwise it can be risky for me” he said.
Though we were disappointed upon hearing the time limit but still we nodded.
Then he took us inside a room. It was a dark room, in fact very dark.
Okay, let me clear the fact. We are going to do planchette. This is the only method and medium of our contact with him.
My mom and I haven’t talked with him since the day we two died in a road accident a year ago but my father survived!!!!
It’s really a special day for both of us.

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